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Why Polaris Vinyl?

  • Vinyl compound is a highly specialized material that is manufactured under stringent conditions.
  • Sixty percent of all vinyl is converted into construction applications.
  • Vinyl extrusions are designed by Polaris Windows & Doors®.


  • Superior impact resistance.
  • No cracking, splitting, peeling, chalking pigments prevent uv radiation degradation.
  • Performs under varying conditions of rain, cold, wind and sun.
  • Fusion welded frame and sash corners are strong and free from gaps.
  • Multi chamber extrusions are stronger than solid material, multiple walls create favorable strength to weight ratios.


  • Maintains consistent color.
  • Stays smooth.

Thermal Barrier

  • Multi-chamber extrusions form insulating air spaces.
  • When measuring the rate of heat flow through a window or patio door; vinyl performs as well or better than framing materials like wood or aluminum.